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With so many CRNA schools to choose from, how do you know which school is best for you?

  • Picking the best school involves more than just selecting the school closest to home.
  • It involves weighing all of the factors and picking the CRNA program best suited to your specific priorities.
  • These are just some of the benefits you’ll discover in my Step by Step CRNA School Guide.

How do we keep it all updated?

Our team manually goes through each school website looking for changes; each school is reviewed twice per year. We also have established relationships with many of the program directors and are notified directly and immediately when they update their websites. Beyond this, we are often notified by students who attend programs when changes are made to the programs.

This is the most complete, helpful and accurate guide to CRNA schools on the internet.

Nowhere else on the internet will you find such a complete description of all the nurse anesthetist programs in one place – I know, because I've looked!

If researching CRNA Schools is new for you, let me let you in on a little secret… finding the right school is a LOT OF WORK!

That is... if you do it by yourself.

My advice? Get help from the experts and save yourself months of searching.

Benefits of All CRNA School Search 

  • Save hours of searching

    With so many schools to choose from, you don’t have time to wade through each program’s website to find all the need-to-know details, yet… you can’t afford not to do your research.

    That’s where having a guide to do all the legwork comes in handy.

    We’ve spent countless tedious hours sifting through each and every nurse anesthetist program and compiling the hard to find details for you in order to place you in the best position to make a quick and educated decision about which program best fits you.

  • Make the RIGHT decision

    We’ve heard enough horror stories from our visitors to know that all CRNA schools are not created equal. Finding the right school means less stress, higher probability of graduating, and ultimately a successful career as a nurse anesthetist.

  • Apply with confidence

    We’ll show you how you compare with other applicants, and what you can do to improve your chances of getting in. We’ll also show you the best strategies for applying, and how to save time and money during the application process.

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After reviewing this information I was greatly impressed!  I could have saved days and days of research by reading this sooner.  It had information in it that could have gotten me into better schools and saved me so much time.  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone even thinking about CRNA school.

Matthew Harmon
Matthew Harmon RN, BSN

Everyone who reads this will be ahead of all others on the same track, and I truly feel this resource is all I need to make my goal of getting into CRNA school a reality.

Bridget Texas

You’ll first need to identify your priorities (know what factors are important when comparing schools). A lot of our visitors get this wrong. We ask them what is most important to them in a school, and they tell us things that, in the end, won’t affect the quality of their education as much as they think it will.

So… back to square one… you’ll need to identify your priorities. Getting this right actually took us 6 years of research (ok, so we had a pretty strong grip on it before then, but we’re much wiser now than we were when the site began back in 2010).

Then, you’ll need to compare each school according to those priorities. This is much harder than it sounds. Over the years, we’ve talked to dozens of CRNA hopefuls who claimed to have spent 50+ hours compiling detailed spreadsheets that paled in comparison to what we offer (find our comprehensive, completely up-to-date spreadsheet here).

Using our resources is the difference between hand-copying a full-text-document and putting a dime in the copying machine and pushing “print”.

We’ve done the heavy-lifting for you, so you can spend your time on more important things, like filling out those applications!