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Nurse Anaesthesia Schools are ranked by performance! NOT by opinion surveys.

We used the following 3 metrics when evaluating schools:

  1. First-time pass rate = “how well can they teach?”
  2. Attrition rate = “is the level of difficulty manageable by the average student?”
  3. Anaesthesia hours + Anaesthesia cases = “will I feel competent when I graduate?”

The 3 categories are weighted evenly in the calculation. Note that since all schools listed are accredited, we have only to see how each school compares with the rest. So we take the best scores in each category and give them a value of “1”, and take the worst score in each category and give them a value of “100”. The remaining schools fall somewhere between 1 and 100. We combine scores in each category for a final ranking.

(*) denotes the school has transitioned to a DNP program.

20210 All-CRNA-School Ranks

These numbers were used in our equation based on the highs for 2020:

Attrition rate: 31%
Anesthesia Hours: 3648
Anesthesia Cases: 1404

Data for 2015 ranks are taken from
each graduating class of 2014.


1University of Iowa DNP1.1
2Florida Gulf Coast University MSN1.7
3Baptist Health Murray State MSN3.3
4North Shore University MSN5.5
5Franciscan Health  MSB7.1
6Goldfarb School of Nursing  MSN8.4
7Mayo Clinic  *MSN8.7
8University of Michigan – Flint MSN9.4
9Uniformed Services Univ MSN9.5
10Sacred Heart – Gonzaga MSN9.6
11Webster University  MSN9.6
12Oregon Health  MSN9.7
13Fairfield University  DNP10.1
14Cleveland Clinic Foundation MSN10.2
15Rush University  DNP10.5
17Westminster College  MSN10.7
18UPMC Hamot  MSN11.0
19University of Akron  MSN11.2
20Bryan College of Health Science  *MSN11.5
21Lincoln Memorial University  MSN11.5
22Texas Christian University  DNP-A11.7
23Frances Payne Bolton  MSN11.8
24Mount Marty College  MSN11.9
25University of North Dakota  MSN12.1
26Boston College  MSN12.2
27Wayne State University  MSN12.8
28California State University  MSN13.3
29Wake Forest Baptist Health  MSN13.4
30Villanova University & Crozer Chester Medical  MSN13.6
31Missouri State University  *MSN13.7
32SUNY Downstate Medical Center * Voluntarily Closed13.7
33Middle Tennessee  MSN13.9
34Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island  MSN14.0
35University of Kansas  DNP14.2
36Samuel Merritt University  MSN14.2
37Augusta University  MSN14.2
38Newman University  MSN14.2
39University of Maryland  DNP14.3
40Virginia Commonwealth University  MSN14.4
41Arkansas State University  MSN14.5
42Frank J Tornetta MSN14.8
43Yale-New Haven MSB/A14.8
44Minneapolis School  MSN15.0
45Midwestern University  MSN16.6
46University of Scranton  MSN16.6
47University of Tennessee – Memphis  DNP16.9
48University of Pennsylvania  *MSN17.1
49Barry University  MSN17.3
50University of Minnesota  DNP18.3
51Allegheny Valley Hospital  MSHS18.5
52University of Miami  MSN19.0
53University of Tennessee – Chattanooga  MSN19.1
54Truman Medical Center  *MA in Biology19.4
55Wolford College  MSN19.5
56Old Dominion University  *MSN19.6
57Geisinger – Bloomsburg  MSN19.9
58Our Lady of the Lake College  *MSN20.0
59Integrated Anesthesia Associates  MSN20.1
60Charleston Area Medical Center  DMPNA20.1
61University of Detroit  MSN20.3
62Oakland University MSN20.4
63Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia *MSN20.4
64Lourdes University   MSN20.6
65Excela Health  MSN20.8
66Northeastern University  MSN20.9
67Florida International University MSN21.3
68University of Texas Houston  *MSN21.6
69Georgetown University MS21.8
70University of Pitt *MSN22.1
71Samford University  MSN22.2
72Clarkson College  MSN22.5
73Medical University of South Carolina  *MSN22.6
74Millikin University DNP23.2
75Carolinas Medical Center  MSN23.3
76Rutgers  DNP24.8
77Drexel University MSN25.8
78Rosalind Franklin University DNAP25.8
79Louisiana State University MSN26.2
80Michigan State University  MSN26.2
81Baylor College  DNP26.4
82University of Alabama MSN26.6
83Thomas Jefferson University  *MSN26.7
84Southern Illinois University Edwardsville  *MSN26.8
85University of South Florida MSN28.3
86Louisiana State University  DNP28.9
87 Texas Wesleyan MSN29.0
88University of Tennessee – Knoxville  MSN29.1
89St. Elizabeth Health Center MSN29.4
90University of North Florida  *MSN30.5
91Union University  DNP31.6
92Saint Mary University of MN  MSN32.0
93Albany Medical College MSN32.1
94Rhode Island-St. Joseph MSNA33.2
95Adventist University MSN33.6
96National University Fresno  MSA34.0
97Otterbein University  MSN38.3
98University of New England  MSN40.4
99Our Lady of Lourdes MSN40.9
100 US Army Graduate  DNP41.2
101InterAmerican University  MSN49.9

2016 All-CRNA-School Ranks

These numbers were used in our equation based on the highs for 2016:

Attrition rate: 21%
Anesthesia Hours: 3138
Anesthesia Cases: 1404

Data for 2016 ranks are taken from each
graduating class of 2015.


1Baptist Health Murray State DNP1.0
2Goldfarb School of Nursing MSN5.8
3Franciscan Health MSB6.1
4North Shore University DNP7.0
5University of Buffalo DNP7.3
6Missouri State University *MSN7.9
7Newman University MSN10.3
8Clarkson College MSN10.5
9Sacred Heart – Gonzaga DNP/MSN11.0/11.3
10Univ of Michigan Flint MSN11.4
11California State University MSN11.7
12Samuel Merritt University MSN12.0
13Univ of Tennessee Memphis DNP
14Bapt Health Murray State MSN12.6
15Frank J Tornetta MSN13.0
16Medical University of South Carolina MSN13.6
17Fairfield University MSHS14.1
18University of Cincinnati MSN14.3
19University of Akron MSN15.0
20Samford University MSN15.5
21Mayo Clinic *MSN16.1
22East Carolina University MSN16.2
23University of Tennessee – Knoxville MSN16.4
24University of Southern California *MSN16.5
25Barry University  MSN16.5
26Geisinger-Bloomsburg MSN17.0
27University of North Florida MSN17.4
28Integrated Anesthesia Associates MSBS17.7
29University of Pitt DNP18.0
30Westminster College MSN18.0
31Our Lady of the Lake College MSN18.2
32Midwestern University MSN18.3
33University of Tennessee – Chattanooga MSN18.5
34Villanova University & Crozer Chester Medical MSN18.7
35Otterbein MSN19.2
36Western Carolina University MSN19.3
37Charleston Area DMPNA20.1
38Texas Christian University DNP-A20.2
39Duke University DNP20.8
40Thomas Jefferson University  *MSN21.1
41Columbia University MSN21.2
42Augusta University  MSN22.3
43University of Scranton MSN22.3
44Mount Marty College *MSN22.4
45University of Pennsylvania  *MSN22.7
46Truman Medical Center  DNP23.1
47Excela Health  MSN23.2
48University of Texas Houston  *MSN23.2
49Michigan State University  MSN23.3
50University of South Carolina Columbia MSN24.0
51Yale-New Haven  MSN24.3
52University of Alabama  MSN24.5
53Louisiana State University DNP25.1
54Texas Wesleyan  MSN26.0
55WellSpan Health &York College *MSN
56Carolinas Medical Center MSN26.9
57Cleveland Clinic Foundation MSN26.9
58Union University DNP27.2
59UPMC Hamot MSN27.2
60Baylor College DNP27.6
61Boston College MSN27.8
62Rhode Island – St. Joseph MSN28.3
63University of Detroit MSN29.1
64Middle Tennessee MSN29.1
65Southern Illinois University Edwardsville *MSN29.1
66Albany Medical College MSN29.2
67Millikin University DNP29.8
68Wolford College MSN30.4
69Our Lady of Lourdes MSN30.5
70Webster University MSN30.9
71University of Kansas  DNP31.6
72Old Dominion University  *MSN31.7
73Northeastern University  MSN32.7
74Lourdes University  MSN33.5
75Rutgers  DNP34.5
76Allegheny   MSHS35.2
77Adventist University  MSN35.4
78Florida Gulf Coast University MSN36.2
79US Army Graduate DNP36.7
80National University Fresno  MSA38.0
81Virginia Commonwealth University *MSN38.8
82Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island MSN41.8
83Univ of Southern Mississippi DNP41.8
84University of New England  MSN42.6
85Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota  MSN43.6
86InterAmerican University MSN64.8
No Rank
University of Iowa
University of South Florida
Rosalind Franklin University
Drexel University
Loma Linda University
University of Miami
Wake Forest Baptist Health
Rush University
Bryan College of Health Science
North Shore University
Arkansas State University
Lincoln Memorial University
Frances Payne Bolton
Wayne State University
SUNY Downstate
University of Maryland
University of Minnesota
Florida International University
Georgetown University
Louisiana State University
Uniformed Services University
Antillean Adventist University
Florida State University
University of Puerto Rico
University of Arizona
Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia
University of North Dakota


Helped me choose my top 5 and start the application process.

I was having a hard time choosing schools, and seeing them all laid out was helpful. Helped me chose my top 5 and start the application process. I specifically liked the ability to look at schools with specific features. I have recommended it to other ICU nurses who discussed an interest with me of going to CRNA school. More than...

Leslie Schweitzer
2017-07-25 15:07:30
If it saves you from applying to one school, it pays for itself

I wanted to let you know that I will be attending CRNA school at Texas Wesleyan University this fall and your spreadsheet and book were major contributors.  I wouldn't have even applied to my school had it not been for your spreadsheet!  Thanks for compiling all this information. At first I thought the cost of the spreadsheet was a bit...

Brock Clough, RN
2017-07-25 15:07:58
I would definitely recommend it, especially if you want to move or are not a competitive student

I love the spreadsheet because it showed me that the schools in my state (CT) are very competitive! I liked that I could sort by any category, and select only schools with certain criteria, ie state. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you want to move or are not a competitive student.

Michael Pace, RN
2017-07-25 15:07:05