Westminster CRNA: a throrough review and recommendation

I am a recent graduate of the program and feel like I can give a good overall assessment of the program.

Quality of classroom Instruction:
While the quality of the instruction lacks in some classes due to adjunct teaching, I believe that I learned what I needed to prepare me for clinical. The anesthesia classes were very challenging but I feel like they were fair. If you put in the work, you will pass and the content of the anesthesia classes was great. The CRNA faculty are easy to approach and are genuinely concerned with ensuring that you get a quality education. I was frustrated at times but now realize that this was due to the trial of making it through school.

Clinical Sites:
The clinical sites are definitely one of the programs strengths. I spent about 6 months away from the Salt Lake City area and it was tough. Half of my clinical experience was spent working with CRNA’s in a CRNA only practice. It definitely opened my eyes to independent practice. I really enjoyed the time that I spent seeing how these CRNA’s would run their practice and business. It made me feel like I could do this on my own. I got a lot of regional experience. The rural CRNA’s were very willing to help me learn interscalene, femoral, and other blocks where I felt like I was begging to do these when I rotated through the sites that had supervision. This is definitely a HUGE benefit to this program. The down side to the distance rotations is time away from family and the cost of living. But I feel like the experience was well worth it.

Structure of the program:
Front loaded with the first 12 months in the class/simulation. The final 15 months were spent in 4 different clinical sites with distance classes that weren’t bad. I really liked the structure of the program.

Overall helpfulness/quality of teachers:
I think that they were very approachable and open to suggestion. It is a relatively new program. I saw the quality of teaching improve over my time in the program.

General sense of what it’s like in the program:
Our class had a family atmosphere and everyone really pulled together to make it through. Though there were times that I was very frustrated, I feel like the program was geared to make me a quality CRNA.

What it's like to live in that area:
Salt Lake City is great! There is plenty to do if you’re not studying or in clinical. I actually found a few days to ski during breaks at school. The mountains are minutes away and I spent a little time hiking during summer semester. It is an awesome place to live.

Would you recommend the program to a friend:
A friend recommended the program to me and I have done the same.

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