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CRNA School Guide

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Save Hundreds of Dollars in Application Fees, and Make Sure You Get Accepted Into the School of Your Choice … the FIRST Time Around.

Take a Peak at What’s Inside!

  • Maximizing the years before you apply
  • The cost of applying – making your $ stretch
  • Best units for critical care experience
  • How to shadow a CRNA
  • Must-have certifications
  • How to tackle the GRE
  • Should you take a graduate course before applying?
  • How to choose the right CRNA school
  • Why a bad letter of recommendation will kill your application
  • How to ace the interview
  • Personal Statement examples
  • How to nail the CV
  • 120+ Sample interview questions
  • How to prepare for the program once you’re accepted

You and I both know what a pain it is to fill out that lengthy application (do you really remember which address you were living at 7 years ago?), get letters of recommendation (from very specific people), write a personal statement (no… you can’t copy and paste from one school to the next, at least… not if you want to get the interview), tweak your CV and pay a hefty fee, just to wait around like a nervous wreck to find out if you get the interview.

You and I also both know that some things in life are unavoidable, like going through the harrowing process detailed above.

But… that doesn’t mean you have to go through it multiple times!

Do it right the first time!

When I called around to CRNA School program directors asking questions like, “how many applications do you receive each year?” I got answers like “Do you want me to count the applications I throw away immediately? Or the ones I actually look at?”

Apparently, some of you are wasting your time filling out applications that go immediately to the round bin.

Stop doing that.

There are some very simple strategies to make sure your application is handled with special care. After all, you’re not just putting your time and money on the line, you’re making yourself vulnerable to scrutiny! Every rejection letter you receive can feel like a kick in the stomach.

So make sure you get it right the first time.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be an expert on the application process, you just have to know an expert. During the past 7 years, I’ve read every single word written on every single school’s website written about how to be a competitive applicant. I’ve read every blog post. Read every long-winded-forum thread on the topic, and personally spoken with many program directors about what it is that sets one applicant apart from the next.

And I wrote it all down – in a simple, easy to digest format.

We’re talking about the next 2-3 years of your life. We’re talking about tripling your income and becoming a highly esteemed specialist in your field.

Getting accepted even one year sooner is a net gain of $80,000+

If I were in your shoes, I would gladly pay $300 for a success coach to walk me through the application process.

Can you afford NOT to accept my help?

Seven Mistakes Made by Pre-CRNAs and How to Avoid Them
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3 reviews for CRNA School Guide

    5 out of 5

    I thoroughly recommend it After reviewing the information found in this book I was greatly impressed! I could have saved days and days of research by reading this book sooner. It had information in it that could have gotten me into better schools and saved me so much time. It is written for an audience that includes high school students to experienced RNs. There is information about all the tests, certifications, finances, experience, and so much more! Even a chapter dedicated to studying the easy and efficient way. Several little gems throughout the book were unexpected and beyond appreciated. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone even thinking about CRNA school. This is the only book I would recommend for getting things done!

    5 out of 5

    I wish I would have bought this sooner I was blown away by the extent of information available, and wish I had bought this when I first decided to become a CRNA. I highly recommend this for anyone who has decided they want to be a CRNA, and the sooner you read it, the more you will gain from this guide. I have just received my BSN with a 4.0, and thought I could figure it out all on my own. Sure, I was on the right track on how I was going to get into CRNA school, but not having read this guide would have been a disservice. I originally thought I was buying this package for the database. Little did I know the guide would become the true reason I am so elated to have made this purchase. Everyone who reads this book will be ahead of all others on the same track, and I truly feel this resource is all I need to make my goal of getting into CRNA school a reality.

    5 out of 5

    Review from a CRNA I was excited to be asked to review CRNA School Guide. It is the only e-book I’ve found that includes, under one cover, all the accurate information to get a great start on becoming a CRNA. Whether you are in high school, nursing school or working as an RN, this guide has helpful tips in giving you the best start in becoming a nurse anesthetist. Whether looking for which CRNA schools are the best fit, to ways of paying for your education, it’s all covered in this guide. This is an accurate tool where the time consuming research has been done for you. I would recommend getting this guide to anyone seriously thinking of becoming a CRNA. You will not regret it!

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