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Results are NOT based on OPINIONS!

For years now, I have lamented that the ranking system for nurse anesthetist schools was based on opinion surveys - it was little more than a popularity contest. 

I have always felt hesitant about even posting those ranks, as I am a firm believer in the scientific method, and that we should use data to drive our decisions.

Basing a major life decision on the collective opinions of less than half of CRNA school directors seemed more of superstition to me than science.  

Nonetheless, it was all we had, and I knew by analyzing search data that my visitors wanted a system by which to rank schools. 

The truth is, you didn't just want any system, you wanted a reliable system!

And now, my ambitious, pre-CRNA visitors, you HAVE ONE!

Drum-roll please...

Our NEW NURSE ANESTHETIST SCHOOLS BY RANK uses the following underlying assumptions:  

All data was taken directly from the COA's website (Council On Accreditation - the organization responsible for maintaining accreditation status for all schools listed on this site).

We have obtained legal counsel and are in no violation of copyright laws by using this data. 

All data obtained offers a time stamp of: 2/28/2016. Every year when we update nurse anesthetist school rankings, we will obtain the most recent data from the COA. 

This year's rankings are based only on ONE YEAR's worth of data. We realize that an average over several years is ideal, as smaller class sizes tend to exaggerate minor fluctuations. We will offer averaged scores in future years (we didn't have enough data to complete them this time around). 

We chose not to use any self-reported data, except when COA data was unavailable or if the data provided was not mathematically possible (1% attrition when the school has a class size of 20.)  All schools with information different than COA are noted in the results.

We used the following 3 metrics when evaluating schools: 

  1. First-time pass rate = "how well can they teach?"
  2. Attrition rate = "is the level of difficulty manageable by the average student?" 
  3. Anesthesia hours + Anesthesia cases = "will I feel competent when I graduate?"

The 3 categories are weighted evenly in the calculation

Final results reflect the position each nurse anesthetist program falls in based on the data.

What you'll see is that many schools fall close to each other on the scale, while a few either stand out at the top or the bottom of the results. 

This is consistent with a standard bell curve. The majority always falls in the middle, with a few outliers on either side. 

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See how these new, data driven rankings compare to the older, opinion-survey rankings (you'll be SHOCKED how different they are!)

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